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"I am in love with my work, because it is she who is my hobby. I love the stage, the theater, the audience and the roles that I have to play. Everything I do connect with the scene. My characters, both positive and negative, are the same as the world around me. The tragic story of the famous Edith Piaf, which I had the opportunity to play in the play “9 lives of Edith Piaf”, forever evoked a touching attitude towards the very feeling of love. Through the perception of the image of Edith, the value and fragility of love is realized. And one of my most tragic roles is Conchita in the rock opera Juno and Avos. It is impossible to calmly remember when the audience is crying, and you understand how mortal the world and only feelings live forever. That is why it is worth living. And so I am an optimist and enjoy playing goodies. I love healthy humor, the ability to joke and enjoy. I respect other views and never try to be too strict towards my opponents. Currently, I am working on new projects, acting in films and singing. I enjoy working and just live ... "

Myroslava Filipovych

About me

Born in Kharkov on February 1, 1984.I have been doing vocals since I was 14 years old.She studied at the Kharkov art school named after Repin.In 2005, she graduated from the Theater Department with a degree in dramaand film theater at the Kotlyarevsky Kharkov State University of Arts (master of the art studio Litko A.Ya.).From 2003 to 2009, she worked as an actress in the Kharkov Theater of Young Spectators,and at the same time since 2006, as a soloist and vocalist in the Kharkov Theater of Musical Comedy.Since 2010, she worked in the municipal theater of Kiev.Since 2011 I have been working at the Kiev Academic Theater of Young Spectators at Lipki.Since 2017, I have been cooperating with the Jazz Band of Alexander Melamuda. Juliet Capulet andsince 2018 - the theater of Alexander Melamuda.I am a member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine from February 29, 2024 to the present. And I am a member of the NATIONAL UNION OF THEATRE ARTISTS OF UKRAINE 2023 to the present. membership card No. C 1445.

Theatrical work

2004-2008 "Medea" - Medea.
2006-2013 "Nine Lives of Edith Piaf" - Edith Piaf.
2008-2013 "Rock Opera" Juno and Avos "- Conchita.
2011 "The Phantom of Canterville Castle" - Mrs. Ottis.
2012 "The Catcher in the Rye" - Mrs. Moreau.
2013 "Shindai" - Nadya.
2014 "The Dream of Shevchenko" - Catherine.
2014 "Beautiful Sabine Women" - Xena.


2011 "Anna German" - Edita, dir. Waldemar Shistik.2011 "Gunpowder and Fraction" - Salon Consultant, dir. Maxim Meheda.2011 "Female Doctor" - Rosalia Nikolaevna, directed by Anton Goyda.2012 "I teach playing the guitar" - Administrator of the hotel, dir. Vladimir Yanoshchuk.2013 "Female Doctor 2" - Rome Kovalchuk, dir. Anton Goyda.2013 "Return of Mukhtar" - administrator of the dental clinic.2014 "Personal file" - Stavitskaya.2014 "Officer Wives" - singer, dir. Dmitry Petrun.2014 "Sashka" - administrator of the wedding salon, dir. Anton Goyda.2014 "The Last Janissary" - Fatima, dir. Anton Goyda.2014 "Don't Let Me Go" -Spivrobitnitsa employment center, dir. Roman Brovko.2014 "Major and Magic" - Julia.2015 "Servant of the people" - Ambassador of India.2015 “Sentence of the Perfect Match” - Nadia, dir. Roman Brovko.2015 "Vladimirskaya 15".2015 "Fight", "Prosecutors" episode, "Division-44."2016 "Cop Wars" - Anfisa, dir. Valery Ibragimov.2016 "Team" - Marina, dir. Cyril Kapitsa.2016 "Black Flower" is a nurse.2016 "Triple Defense" - Zemfira, dir. Mateshko.2016 "Sish. Pub" - Snezhana.2016 "Military Hospital" - Natalya, directed by Anton Goyda.2016 "Saturday" - Helen, dir. Semen Gorov.2017 "Confrontation" - Olga, dir. Roman Brovko.2017 "Captain" - Tatyana Mother of the heroine, dir. Volodimir Yanoshchuk.2017 "Inter No. 3 Galina.2017 "Veil" - Marina, dir. Valery Ibragimov, Kiev phone.2017 "Artist-Luda" dir. Semen Gorov, Sistr "s production.2017 "Odessa Souvenir" - Eva Milkus (Oleg Turansky) Sistrs production-love through enter-Kristina Vitalievna.2017 "Dog 3" - 20th episode -ler (Mikhail's lover) - dir. Nikolay Kaftan.2017 "Rain Flowers" - Secretary Nina, dir. Roma Brovko.2017 "Chance of Love" - ​​Christina, dir. Alexander Tymenko.2018 "Opera on call" - Elena Zhuravlinskaya 11-series, dir. Taras Tkachenko.2018 "Artist" - Lyudmila, dir. Semen Gorov.2018 "Souvenir from Odessa" - Eva Milkus, dir. Oleg Turansky.2018 "The vicious circle" - Journalist - Shilaeva, dir. Anatoly Mateshko.2018 t / s "City of Lovers" - Nina, dir. Anton Goyda.2018 “Need a Man” - Larisa, dir. Anton Goyda.2018 "Dr. Kovalchuk" - Alla, dir. Anton Goyda.2018 "Fear your desires" purple, dir. Boris Fear.2018 "Secrets" - witness, singer, director Sergey Sotnichenko.2018 Ringer is a singer.2018 "Princess the Frog" - Anna, dir. Roman Tkachenko.2018 "Bird Singing" - Lyudmila, dir. Miroslav.2019 "The Way Home" - Jessica's mom, dir. Pavel Tupik2019 "I Love Him Too" - Tamara Kovtun, dir. Vadim Saviev.2019 "Referent" Olya, dir. Dead End.2019 "I Will Pay Tomorrow" - Natalia, dir. Nikolay Mikhailov.2019 "Forbidden" - Kotsyubinsky Mikhailina, dir. Roman Brovko. Will be released September 5, 2019.2019 "Sidorenko & Sidornko" - Amalia, dir. Felix Grechnikov. Premiere in the fall.2019 “The Secret of Mary” - Olga, dir. Mykola Mikhailov. Prime Minister in the fall.2020"Doctor Vera" Ukraine - directed by Taras Tkachenko.Angela Voronova - Andrey's first wife, a vascular surgeon.
2020"Expert" (Ukraine)Zhanna Golovneva. Directed by Oleg Turansky.
2020"Mavky"| Intern (Ukraine) - Vera Linnyk. Directed by Valery Ibragimov.
2020"Never give up"| Never give up -Sveta. Directed by Pavel Tupyk.
2020 "Reflection of a Star"| Shadow of a star (Ukraine) Anya is a make-up artist. Directed by Stanislav Rubenchyk.
2020"Almost the whole truth"| Almost everything is true.The role of Veronica. Directed by Pavel Tupyk.
2020"Shattered Dreams" (Ukraine) The role of Nadezhda. Directed by Alexander Itygilov.
2020 SydorEnko-SidOrenko. Repair of relations SydOrenky-SydorEnky 2 (Ukraine) Role - Amalia. Directed by Viktor Medvedsky, Pavel Ostrykov.
2021 The work of drowning hands |The case of those who drown (Ukraine),Directed by Anton Azarov.
2021 Oath of a doctor Doctor's Oath (Ukraine).The role of Lisa.Directed by Denis Tarasov.
2021 Doll house (Ukraine) The role of Olya. Directed by Sasha Kyryenko.
2021 Other people's sins". Other people's sins (Ukraine) Role - Sveta.
Directed by Alexander Itygilov.
2021"Dream Team" UkraineThe role of Stork. Directed by Maria Ryapulova (not yet released)
2022"Someone else's happiness" role -Kira. Directed by Roman Brovko.
2022 "Windless" Bulgaria, the role of Gergana.
2022 "Serf" the role of Marianna. Directed by Alexey Esakov.


GRAND PRIX, the golden voice of the competition - festival "Golden Autumn", 1998.
Diploma-recipient of the International Festival "Slavic Bazaar", 1998.
Laureate of the All-Ukrainian festival "Bazarchik - 98"., Odessa;
1st place - the television competition "Teleshans", Kharkov, 2000.
Laureate of the All-Ukrainian competition "Black Sea Games", Skadovsk, 2000.
1st place - International Festival "Living Water", Dergachi, 2001.
2nd place - All-Ukrainian competition-festival "Crystal Lark", Ternopol, 2003.
GRAND PRIX - All-Ukrainian competition festival "Spivograi", Krivoy Rog, 2004.
1st place - International festival-competition "Magic Candle", Kiev, 2004.
GRAND PRIX - International competition festival "Crimean Wave", Feodosia, 2005.
3rd degree diploma - VI International Festival of Patriotic Songs "Peace Soldiers" Kharkov, 2005.
GRAND PRIX - International Music Festival "Gwiazdy Polskiej Jesieni", Poland, 2005.
Prize “For acting” - International Open Europe Vocal Festival, Moscow, 2006.
2nd place - International Music Festival "East Bazaar", Crimea, 2006.
2nd place - International Music Festival "Stars Sprint", Italy, 2006.
2nd place - International Music Competition-Festival "Bango Festival", Italy, 2006.
Winner of the International Music Festival-Competition "Oriental Bazaar" 2007.
Laureate - International Music Festival "Amberstar" Latvia-Sweden. 2008.
First place - International Competition "Sea and Spaces", Bulgaria, Varna, 2009
Second place - International Competition "Benjo Festival" Romania, Braila 2011.
Second place is the International Festival of Chisinau 2011.

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